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4th of July Nailspiration

July is fast approaching and that means it’s time to get your 4th of July nails done & ready to party! I know you’ll be wanting to spend your Independence Day feeling free and fabulous, and that’s why my team and I are here for you.

Add a festive touch to your red, white, and blue outfit with a manicure! Here are some of my personal favorite nail art designs for inspiration:

4th of July Nailspiration

Let’s start off with these cute stripes, stars, polka dots and fireworks. This just goes to show that you can be way more creative than just stars and stripes when it comes to the 4th of July!

4th of July Nailspiration

For those who want to celebrate 4th of July with a BANG, these nails are a must-try! They still played with the colors red, white, and blue, and then took it up a notch with a dash of silver. Just enough to make each color POP on the white nail!

4th of July Nailspiration

Now this one is a little subtle and doesn’t say 4th of July as upfront as the first two. But the amazing thing is that these nails can still be worn after your Independence Day hangover! 😅

4th of July Nailspiration

Woah! These nails have an elaborate water marble design and I am amazed! Achieve this beautiful nail art with nail polish, water, and a small bowl! Check out this video to see a little bit more:

Still a little too complicated for a DIY manicure? No prob. Give me a call today and I’ll set you up with one of my AMAZING nail art manicurists to get you that 4th of July look you’re going for! (513) 783-4597

I hope this nail art inspiration helped you out this year! And just to let you know once again, we provide nail services starting at affordable prices! So give me a call at (513) 783-4597 to make an appointment and keep up with our latest posts on our Instagram to interact with us there!! → @kellyssalonmiddletown


We wouldn’t let you go just yet without sharing this simple cocktail recipe for your 4th of July party now, would we?! Cheers!

4th of July Nailspiration

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  1. Glitter design (3rd picture) is one of the best 4th of July nail designs I ever saw. Why? It’s simple but not too obvious. It reminds me of fireworks but uses main colors of this holiday. Marble nail art is also something I would wear on this day

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