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Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

There’s a few more days before Mother’s Day! We’re here to salute the mothers who have proved time and time again that you can still be stylish while taking care of your youngsters!

If you’re a mom who’s looking to spice things up this Mother’s Day, we have some amazing hairstyles rocked by celebrity mothers for your inspiration!

#1 Modern Pixie

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

Michelle Williams’ modern interpretation of the pixie cut gives everything a refreshing look. What’s more, this is low as low maintenance gets.

#2 Asymmetrical Bob

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

You might think it’s hard to pull off an asymmetrical bob cut, but that doesn’t mean moms shouldn’t try! Take the plunge by ensuring your edgy slant isn’t too blunt.

It’s a classic a-line bob cut that’s slightly piecey. As a mom cut, it’s sophisticated and simple. Just flat iron and go!

#3 Long Layers

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

Who says moms can’t go for an above-the-shoulders haircut?! This simple yet youthful medium-length style creates a beautiful movement around the face. It’s a look that will never go boring!

Also, styling this type isn’t that hard, just blow dry your hair with a large round brush, then touch up the ends with a flatiron if you have the time.

#4 Sassy Bob with Cute Bangs

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

Katie Holmes’ style shows us that just trimming a few inches can make an entirely different look! The bangs are what make this bob cut all the more different, but if you’re not sold on it, just use clip-on fringes.

#5 Natural Waves

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Mom Hairstyles

Jessica Alba’s hair always looks gorgeous, but this mom of two’s latest cut is especially elegant! For moms wanting to embrace the waves, this cut is perfect!

It has long, playful layers without being too blunt or blocky. It has morning maintenance such as applying sea-salt spray to ends, scrunching, and air-drying but it’s all worth it!

Stop by the salon to kick off your Mother’s Day celebration with a refreshing style. Call us at (513) 783-4597 for an appointment or consultation!

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