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Common Causes of Hair Breakage

We’re in the middle of Spring but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about bad hair days! Back in Winter, we explained that dryness or lack of moisture was the main problem for our hair. Now, we’re going to delve on other factors. The common causes of hair breakage and split ends that rarely gets noticed are the following:  


Common Causes of Hair Breakage

The way you brush your hair, along with the type of your brush, is one of the most common ways to cause stress to your hair. If you have fine-to-normal hair, then you can use any old brush. But for thin hair, it’s best to use a soft boar brush. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, a mixed-bristle brush is recommended to smooth out all your cuticles. For curly hair, you probably think it can’t be brushed, but think again! Curly hair just needs a wooden-bristle brush to gently tackle the challenge.

All in know, be gentle with your hair when you comb them. It’s a good practice to start with a wide-toothed comb, and start from your ends. Last but not the least, towel dry your hair as much as you can before you start brushing.


Common Causes of Hair Breakage

Headbands are classic and timeless, so you may be surprised at what they’re doing to your hairline. The hair around our head is a lot more fragile than the areas where it grows more. As it turns out, pushing headbands on stresses these areas and makes hair there easy to break. However, this doesn’t mean headbands are a no go! Just make sure to be gentle when you wear and remove your headbands, and make sure their material isn’t too hard. A cloth headband would do less damage, after all.


Common Causes of Hair Breakage

Okay, this one may be hard to believe because it’s a favorite. I mean, who hasn’t whipped up a ponytail, whether it was mandatory or just for fun?! But here’s the thing – the repetitive habit of throwing your hair in a ponytail or top bun can actually be a source of stress and damage. The pressure on the areas where your ponytail sits will wear down the strength of your hair. All this can result to split ends, and it doesn’t even cover the damage that happens after you’re done with the ponytail! We’re going to repeat ourselves again because it’s important – be gentle when you pull your hair. You’ll be surprised at how your hair health will change.

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