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Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving

Are you tired of having irritated skin because of shaving? Or maybe you just don’t have the time? Then your best bet is to try waxing! Waxing is considered to be the best method for removing unwanted hair, and we’re here to explain why. Here are the benefits waxing has over shaving:

Long Lasting Smooth Skin

Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving


When you wax, the hair gets removed from the root instead of just being cut in shaving. What this means is it would take a longer time for the new hair to grow back. The exact duration varies from person to person, but in average it would take around 3 to 8 weeks for hair to grow back. If you regularly wax, then your hair growth would gradually slow down. Essentially, waxing makes sure you have more days to experience smooth and hair-free skin!

No Nicks and Less Skin Damage

As you probably have experienced, shaving comes with a high probability of skin damage. You can get cuts & nicks, pigmentation, or even rashes if you have sensitive skin. But in waxing, the technique used to remove hair is natural so it has an extremely low chance of occurring skin damage. Also, waxing won’t cause ugly stubbles!

Accompanied with Exfoliation

Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving


Aside from removing unwanted body hair, waxing also removes dead skin cells and thus rejuvenates the skin! In essence, you get the two-in-one benefit of exfoliation and waxing in the process.

Easy and Doable at Home

Waxing is convenient and fast. Since your hair would take longer to grow, you’re essentially saving up the times you’d have to shave and do other stuff that you’d want. What’s more, you can do it at home! Just avail natural hair removal gels and follow their instructions so you can practice at home without any hassle.

If you want to put the process to a professional’s hand, then book an appointment with us at (513) 783-4597! We can do the waxing for you while you relax.

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  1. I like what this article mentions about the skin damage involved with shaving and how they can be avoided with waxing. It makes sense that this would be beneficial to people like my wife who often find they nick their skin and get scars. I’ll have to make sure to talk to her about waxing instead of shaving to make sure she doesn’t have to worry about getting cut so much.

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