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Hair Accessories Perfect for Spring

How about a pledge for a vibrant look this spring?! Aside from trying out new hair styles, you can also put on accessories to liven things up and exhibit the Spring spirit! To get you started, here’s our favorite spring accessories.

#1 Flowers

Hair Accessories Perfect for Spring

The look can be reminiscent to a fairy, tropical soothe, or even a bridal look! The types are endless. Simply pick a flower from your local florist, or make a cute flower clip. Then, pin this spring accessory wherever you want! Whether it’s in your topknot or tucking behind your ear, it can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

#2 Headbands

Hair Accessories Perfect for Spring

Antiquated may seem like the word that comes when you see headbands, but think again! With spring comes rebirth and so the old comes back with a more refreshing look. Headbands are in again, so pull out your box of trinkets and put these accessories in rotation!

#3 Hair Ties

Hair Accessories Perfect for Spring

Go for casual and funky in hair ties. Not only are they great at pulling your hair up on the fly, but they also can be cute, layered bracelets!

#4 Hats

Hair Accessories Perfect for Spring

Alright, maybe hats aren’t really a hair accessory, but it’s still a great add-on to make your look closer to perfection! Since Spring is all about the liveliness of nature, how about a big floppy hat for those sunny days? Or even a cute cloche if you’re bringing back the vintage look!

Of course, accessories only work if it compliments your style. Why not schedule an appointment with us at (513) 783-4597 so we can do some magic?! Spring is the best time to do something fun and new, and a hairstyle is one way to go about it! Also, keep updated with us through our Instagram @kellyssalonmiddletown for all things hair-related in our valley!



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