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7 Simple but Genius Tips for Curly Hair Care

If you’re looking for the easiest and healthiest curly hair routine ever, then you’re in the right place. Consider this the perfect plan for gorgeous spirals and styles. These easy tips will make you have a great curly hair day every day!

#1 Always comb from the bottom up

You really don’t want to have your hair all together and yank your way through. Starting from the bottom isn’t just how the real world starts, it also allows you to gently detangle each knot!

#2 Trim ends to avoid splits

7 Simple but Genius Tips for Curly Hair Care


Split ends are always a worrisome bunch, they always look bad and make your hair frizzy! For a healthy style that looks bouncy, keep visiting your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a quick trim!

#3 Mix the right products for your haircare plan

Product cocktailing is just that! Simply mix two or more of the products that meet your styling needs to achieve that strong hold on your hair. For example, you can try smoothing serum and mousse, and also coconut oil with styling gel. This mix will definitely make your hair strong without making them look dry or crunchy.

#4 Out with the brush, in with the wide-tooth comb

7 Simple but Genius Tips for Curly Hair Care


Brushes are too rough for fragile curly hair, so use a wide-tooth comb instead. It’s a gentle way to detangle curls and it doesn’t destroy your natural curly pattern compared to a brush.

#5 Apply moisturizing conditioner to your ends when they need a little boost

Be it due to the weather or environment, your hair can sometimes dry itself out. If that happens, just simply apply small amounts of styling cream to your ends! This gives them the much needed moisture to keep up the fresh look.

#6 Do the pineapple trick

7 Simple but Genius Tips for Curly Hair Care


The pineapple trick is a simple technique to protect your curl pattern while maintaining natural volume. It’s usually done before sleep, and what it basically does is keeps the hair loosely gathered at the top of the head, resembling a pineapple – hence the name! It’s not hard to do and you can simply take it down when you’re ready to wear your curls.

#7 Use a diffuser to balance your curls and add more volume

A diffuser is basically a blow dryer attachment that protects hair from direct heat, preventing frizz and damage. To start, first dry your hair by squeezing it after showering. Then, spritz water onto it and apply mousse that has heat protectant. Just use your fingers to twirl your curls. Lastly, plop the strands into the diffuser, cupping it around your hair. Repeat all this until you’ve got your designed curls and you’re good to go!

If you need help trimming your ends, stop by our salon! You can also book an appointment with us at (513) 783-4597. Also don’t forget to be updated on our social media @kellyssalonmiddletown



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  1. Use of wide tooth professional hair comb is the best tip for curly hair. I always prefer buy hair styling comb from a reputed manufacturer. Thanks for sharing this info.

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