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Celebrate the 4th of July With These Fun Hairstyles!

4th of July

Oh! What a great way to celebrate July 4th with a rocking party-ready hairstyle! If you are planning on going party-hopping with your girlfriends, it’s best to do it with style and glam! Why not check these fabulous July 4th themed hairstyles right here:

4th of July

This looks soooo FIERCE, am I right?! We can make this beautiful ombre starting with your fully blonde hair (whether by carefully bleaching multiple times, or if you’re a natural!). Then, we’ll color your hair with your choice of red hair color, and add some blue at the tips! Some people prefer making them mix in the middle to create that wonderful gradient effect. 

4th of july

If you wish to look simple, but dashing, you also have the option to grab anything that has red, white and blue OF COURSE!! bandanas or headbands make a great hair accessory for the weekend. Twist it a little bit, wrap it around your hair and voila! This should give you a stylish 70’s looking chick, ready to rock!

If these hairstyles aren’t your usual fancy, then how about this video that shows how simple it is to look dashing for July 4>>> 

But wait! Your hair’s not the only one going out partying, it’s you! Make sure you’ve the perfect dress for the day (or cuts off and tank) (or bikini lol!) and ALSO THE PERFECT NAIL POLISH! Fancy and bright nail colors and designs that will surely catch everyone’s attention!

4th of July


And guess what?! Today (June 30th) through Saturday (July 2nd) we are offering 25% off full sets and fill in’s!!!! Courntee does some AMAZING nail art here in the salon, so make sure you make you’re last minute 4th of July appointment soon!


4th of July

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Check out how it was intricately made! Red, white & blue with star designs and glitter all over! A perfect theme to celebrate Independence Day!

4th of July

Then again, you can always keep it simple! Put on your brightest red nail polish, add a little navy blue and that should do the trick! You are ready to party, pretty girl!

If you need our expert help and advice, you can always click HERE to check out the services that we have for you! Our styling team are the best people you can collaborate with when it comes to these themes! Schedule an appointment! Call us at (513) 783-4597.

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