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Summer Hairstyles

SUMMER should be spent outside, UNDER THE SUN and not in front of your mirror, thinking about what kind of style you should do with your HAIR. But don’t worry, I got you some hair styling tips for all hair types that will keep you on the go, without too much effort!

Got LONG locks? I’m thinking you want them off your neck in this heat, am I right? Start with a high pony. That’s super EASY! If you have extra time, try this hairstyle out!

summer hairstyle

If this is a little too complicated for you, a simple messy bun would do! That’s sooo in for Summer.

If you have a SHORTER hair, and you can’t pull everything away from your face, so watch this video for more ideas!

Sooooo cute!!

If you are also up for it, you could totally do a pixie cut! New season = new hair! We can give you the BEST ADVICE on how to style short, medium or long hair! Just swing by the salon or hit us up on social media @kellyssalonspa on Twitter (:

Got the hair down? What about your nails?! We just couldn’t help but share this adorable nail art with you! 

summer hairstyles

Our nail tech, Courtney, just got a TON of nail art STUFF in the salon!! Come get your full set for just $21.99 or a fill in for $16.99! 

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Summer is all about having FUN, and that includes your HAIRSTYLE. For more ideas about styling and caring for your hair this summer, our styling team is your best option. For an appointment, we can be reached at (513) 783-4597.

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