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Solve Your Summer Hair Problems

Dry and tangled hair? summer hairUgh, what a bummer! I know that it’s always like this when you get out of the pool after a swim. Blame it on the chlorine! It stings our eyes, and does even more damage to our hair.

The solution? Put on a leave-in conditioner first before diving in to the pool. That may save your hair a little. Also, right after you get out of the pool, wash your hair immediately with shampoo and conditioner. That will do the trick. 

Same goes when you dive in to the sea! The salt in the sea will tangle up your hair pretty badly. It roughs up the hair and causes your strands to stick together. Same solution goes here, too. Wash away the salt in your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t try tosummer hair untangle them, as that will only stress you out. Remember that our hair is at the weakest state when it’s wet, so just wash them first before untangling them. If possible, let them air dry before combing it out, too!

That gorgeous summer floppy hat is there for a reason. It protects our face and hair from the harmful rays of the sun. The sun can greatly damage and might dry ’em up for a long time. If it’s okay with you to be a little greasy, go ahead and put some sunscreen in your hair!

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Don’t worry, you can always wash them away once your done with your day!

We all LOVE the heat that SUMMER brings, but there are so many things we need to worry about protecting during this season – things we forget about during the winter months. 

It’s okay to go out and ENJOY the sun, as long as you go out PROTECTED. Our hair needs as much protection as our skin needs so make sure you pack your hair essentials when you go out on a vacation.

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  1. Summer hair can be difficult to maintain for me. I notice that the sun really bleaches it and can dry it out. I try and avoid swimming because of what it does to my skin and hair. I would talk to your salon about some products you could use that fits your hair. I like your advice on using leave in conditioner.

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