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Hair Color Trends For Summer

Can you feel the warmth of SUMMER already? I am just as excited as you are, especially now that it’s acceptable for us to sport a new look for this particular season! One good way of showing off a different style is to update your hair color! Okay…sure, but which hair color?  There are SO many options.

Here are some of the latest trends in color for you, plus some bonus tips on keeping your hair color fresh and ready for the warm weather (;


Say “hello” to that super pale blonde you’ve been eyeing since Fall…… Good news! It’s still a thing this summer! Also that platinum gray you see on Pinterest, yup, still good for Summer! If you have tried them already, consider adding some highlights to it just so you have a different look this Summer. And remember, depending on what color you’re coming from, it’s a process! So be patient (:


Brunette? Whether you are mocha, mahogany, or walnut, adding dimensional colors to your hair is always good. To bring out the richness of the color shade that you have, try out a ash blonde or caramel. Our artists love doing the balayage technique so your color looks SUPER natural when you’re all finished up!


If you think reds compliment your complexion, go for it! For a more Summer appropriate color, I suggest opting for a rose gold shade, or adding a copper touch to it. That’s one sexy hair color you will definitely want to wear all season!

Okay, now on to the BONUS TIPS!

Summer is a time for fun, going outside, catching some rays and enjoying the beautiful weather. BUT….yes, but! The sun can be damaging to your hair.  Our hair needs as much protection as our skin does, so choose hair products that contains UV protectant. You may also want to wear a hat for extra protection. Floppy hats are so in for this Summer, anyways!

If your hair tends to dry out after a day in the sun, or your hair have been exposed to salt water or chlorine, wash your hair immediately. You can skip the shampoo, especially if you think it’s dry enough, and go straight to conditioner and that will do the trick!

Going for a new look this Summer is a great way to celebrate the season! If you ever need to consult us on what hair color you should try on, you may reach us at (513) 783-4597. Want to make an appointment already? Book online or come see us at the salon.

Our creative color starts at just $99.99!

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  1. I know summer is almost over, but I actually LOVE these ideas. I’ve been wanting to do something fun with my hair, and I think that rose gold would look so good with my complexion. Plus, I like the picture that you shared because the top few inches of hair are still brown. I bet that would make the growing out process of the color a lot easier. I wouldn’t have to worry a bout getting touch-ups quite as often!

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