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Monthly archive for April 2016

Nail Art You’ll Dig For Spring

Nails complete our entire look and there’s no better way to flaunt it than with nail art! It also serves as an accessory to your whole outfit! Here is some nail art that is perfect for this season that you should definitely try: What’s more spring-appropriate than these

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Prom Hairstyles You Will Definitely Love

Prom season is here! A little stressful, isn’t it? Picking the right dress, checking on some accessories and shopping for shoes! Your hair can be your best accessory and a good hair-do for prom is essential! We want to take the burden of stressing about what to do with

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Stop Washing Your Hair!

Stop Washing Your Hair!

The Surprising Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing Your Hair! Of course, the first thing that you will ask is WHY? It sounds gross, right? You hair will feel dirty, and we cannot escape that. But there are things that you will surely notice once you stop

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The Benefits of Monthly Pedicures

Been meaning to show off your favorite sandals, but a little bit hesitant because of your nails? Let’s face it! Exposing your toes should not be that hard if you have gorgeous nails, right? And the benefits of monthly pedicures will payoff all summer long! Our feet deserve

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